5 Tips To Make A Small Kitchen Look Spacious

No kitchen is too small to be stylish. There are plenty of tweaks you can do to open up a small space and make it look and feel welcoming. It will require some organization, some decluttering and a little creativity to upgrade a tiny kitchen, but soon you’ll be more comfortable and preparing meals with ease in your newly upgraded cooking area!

Get rid of things you don’t need

Before you make bigger changes in your kitchen, the first most important step is to declutter. Get rid of things you don’t need, items you don’t use and spares.

Doing so will free up space and will make it easier for you to organize the things you decide to keep. Do you really need to keep your old bulky coffeemaker that’s sitting on your counter when you’ve only been your new coffee pod machine?

Keep everything organized

Who wouldn’t want to walk into a kitchen where everything is in place? Proper organization is the key to keeping any room look more spacious, especially the kitchen where there are more items. Today, shoppers won’t have a hard time as there are plenty of storage options specifically designed for small spaces. So get that sliding spice rack or that magnetic knife rack that you can put on the wall, leaving more space in your counter!

Change the colors

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your tiny kitchen is by changing your wall color. Using light, neutral colors will really open up a small space. If you want to put a little personality to it, you can add color accents – you can make your kitchen essentials cohesive in color, or you can paint your cupboards with a bold color choice!

Let there be light

Speaking of ways to make a room feel larger, lighting is something you also need to consider. Flush mounts, semi-flush mount ceiling lights and recessed lighting are all great choices for small kitchens because they don’t take up too much room. You can also install a mirror or two – mirrors bounce light around a room and are also great for opening up a small space.

Replace bulky appliances

Now, if you have the budget and want to go all the way with upgrading your tiny kitchen, you can opt to scale down the size of the appliances in it. You don’t have to do it all at once. You can start with small appliances you have – old models that have served well but needs upgrading/replacing. It can be your toaster, blender, microwave and the like. Later you can move on to your fridge and other bigger appliances.

5 Tools That You Must Have in Your Kitchen

In any home, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms. If you want to get the most out of your kitchen, make sure you have the required tools. Some of these things are for decorative purposes, while others are essential for the proper functioning of your kitchen. In this article, we are going to shed some light on 5 kitchen tools that you must have. Read on to find out more.

1. Food Shovel Tong

As the name suggests, this is one of the most essential tools that you must have in your kitchen. With this tool, you can prevent food items from sticking to your pans. With this tool, you can solve this problem once and for all.

This utensil looks like a shovel. It can help you scoop up food with no problem of damaging it. After cooking, you can use this tool as a salad and spaghetti server. In other words, this tool serves a lot of purposes to cover your needs.

2. Spice Storage Organizer

It can be quite satisfying to organize your spices on a curated rack. With this tool, you can incorporate a practical design. You can put it on any type of shelf regardless of the available space. You can grab the container that you need and replace it once again. And the good thing is that you won’t create any cabinet mess at all.

3. Butter Cutting tool

It may require a lot of effort to store and cut butter on a regular basis. Generally, you may end up cutting the stick of butter awkwardly. With this container, you can solve this problem in an easy way. With this wire-based cutter, you can make your life a lot easier.

All you need to do is press on the butter stick in order to cut it neatly. You can have symmetrical pieces and store them in an efficient manner inside your fridge. And the beauty of this tool is that it does not cost a lot of money to purchase.

4. Meat Tenderizer

In your life, there can be a lot of pleasant things. One of the most pleasant things is a meal that consists of a juicy and soft piece of meat. On the other hand, if you are unable to take it because of its hardness, it can ruin your mood.

If you want to tenderize your meat evenly, you can use this tool. The surface of this tool contains sharp needle blades. So, if you want to get the most out of your meals, we suggest that you invest in this easy-to-use tool. It will increase the usability of your kitchen.

5. Utensils Storage unit

In your kitchen, you may be having problems with a lot of things. For example, you may be looking for a way to collect the scattered utensils. If you spend a lot of time looking for them, we have the solution for you. We suggest that you get a kitchen utensil stand. It can help you store your items in an efficient manner.

Long story short, we suggest that you purchase these five kitchen tools if you want to make cooking easier for you. Hopefully, these tips will help you get the most out of your kitchen.

Plantation Shutter Can Add Beauty to the Home

It is very important to change the interior of the home with time so that it can have stylish look. One such thing that is best for any type of home is window covering. Stylish and attractive window covering is easily available today and one of it is plantation shutter> which is able to survive in any environmental changes. This type of window covering does not have glass but its unique look is best when it is about privacy and security. Plantation shutters Melbourne come in all sizes that can easily fit in any window or door size. It is considered as both traditional and contemporary style window covering which is easy to clear and give unique look to a home. Shutter Carrum is best to cover windows and at the same time can add value to a home.

Benefits of Shutters

• Security is one of the main reason why people of Australia option for shutters. It looks like solid structure when closed and so it becomes difficult for burglars to break through.

• Plantation shutters are one of the stylish ways to cover the window and it can give unique look to a home. It is one of the main reason that people of Melbourne opt for such shutters for home.

• Shutters are free from dust, mites and other creatures as it can easily be cleaned and thus hygiene of home can be maintained.

• Energy bills can be saved while going for window shutters in Australia as it makes room cool in summer while hot in winter. People of Carrum are mainly using shutters to reduce the cost of bills.

• Closed shutters can help to maintain privacy and even reduce noise and traffic disturbance if living in urban areas.

The growing demand for shutters has introduced variation and versatility to it. Variation is available while selecting material for shutters which are like Aluminium, Timber, PVC, Basswood, Thermocline. People in Narre select material according to their use and budget. People in Melbourne can find suppliers who can deliver high-quality shutters. It is available in different size and style so that one can have it according to their requirement. People of Warren are now free to customize their window covering and add beauty to their home with such plantation shutters.

You can also customize your shutters according to your personal style, with a wide range of features and options, including panel configuration, hinge color, decorative panels and frames, and more.